Spring DIY: Flower Crown

by Blog your heart out

Hello my lovely humans!
After all these days, weeks, moths, years of fear of writing blog in English
i decided to finally start. I know there will be alot of mistakes and weak grammar
but i hope you could bear with me...Anyway... Since we're already in spring i
decided to share with you my flower crown DIY which i posted on my other blog,
which i write in my language (Slovene). I hope you will understand all steps that
i will describe/ write about. But if you won't, don't worry i've got your back!
I took a picture of every step so if you don't know what i'm talking about you can
see it on pictures.
Now, let's begin! Get your bee hands ready!

You will need:
- pliers
- green tape
-fake flowers
-hot glue gun

First thing that you have to do is to measure your head with wire and add 
80 centimeters. i cut about 136 centimeters of wire. It's better to add
a centimeter or two because you can always cut extra wire but it's harder 
if your flower crown will be too small in the end and all your hard work will 
be for nothing...

When you have your wire cut, you make circle that you made in the beggining.
Twist the end of the wire to the longer part (that 80 centimeters that you 
''added''). That extra 80cm of wire start twisting around that circle. 
If you fun out of wire you can always add some so don't worry. This part/step 
can be a little messy so don't worry.

Next thing that we have to do is hide all that ''sins'' that we made in before.
Take green tape and tape is all around this wire circle or should i say crown base.


It's supposed to look something like this...


Following step is the most important and fun - adding flowers and leaves! I glued 
them with hot glue gun and that green tape that we used in previous step. Here are 
some pictures how i did my flower crown. But this process is up to you and your 
imagination! :)

Our flower crown is finished! 


I hope you liked this post and hope you stop by in the future...

..untill next time